Saturday, June 5, 2010

A life filled with sugar and spice

To be honest.....I have no idea where to start. I wish I had some great, hard to believe, how perfect it is story to tell you, but I don't. My wonderfully fun and fantastic husband talked me in to starting a blog because he wanted to read what I would write about. My husband....hmmm... that's story. Maybe I do have a great, real- life, how perfect it is story after all. Let's see.....

I met my husband by shear chance. There's no other way to put it because literally with just one push of a button we would have never been. Freshman registration. My first year of college and I was ready to conquer the world and all it had to offer and there I sat with my advisor debating on whether to take a 8am or 1pm Intro to Psychology class. And just as I was about to be put into the 1pm class it was closed and I, Lezlie Poole, was forced into a 8am class.
On the the first day there I was in class, ready to learn, when a grungy, pajama wearing, longed haired upper class-men walked in. And to be honest, I secretly swore I would never date anybody that wore pajamas to class and didn't even bothered to cut his hair for the new school year.
After that day something strange happened, that grungy, pajama wearing boy kept switching desk and he was switching the desks and getting closer to me and lets just say I was not amused. The musical chair routine went on until one day he was seating behind me. Ugh....really? But I must say, my husband aka grungy, pajama wearing boy, was if not anything a charmer. And when he asked to borrow my notes, the only thing I could say was sure.
It's hard to believe that day was 7 years ago, but ever since he has always been the apple of my eye and the sugar to my spice.